SEO Case Study:
Amazing 1558.3%+ Increase
In Traffic!

Below we have detailed five case studies from various niches that got some great results in only just a few months.

1. Social Site Disavow and Search Console Error Cleanup - 1558.3% Increase


A new social platform was having problems gaining search engine traction even though they had been around for a couple of years and had well over 1M pages of content.  They were hitting around 300 visitors a day when we started.

The first thing we always do is audit the site to see if it has any major underlying issues.  It turned out that this site had gotten a good number of poor inbound links.  We did a disavow along with cleaning up some pretty massive errors and warnings in Google Search Console.  No other changes were made at the time.  Here's the result:


One of the easiest things every website owner can do is to keep an eye on Google Search Console to see if there are errors or warnings.  Don't hesitate to reach out for help in getting issues resolved.

And while any site can be the victim of a negative link campaign, it's almost certain that websites that are in the public eye will experience them frequently.  Google tries to understand the difference between a negative link campaign and someone trying to manipulate page rank, but it doesn't always succeed.  Our Digital Marketing Audit will help you figure out what's wrong and give you the information you need to get back on track.

2. Investor Site Website Restructuring - Insane 3334% Increase


This was an older project from a couple of years ago, but still relevant today.  This site had a very flat linking structure and very thin content.  The pages were all generated by a SAAS from hand curated RSS feeds.  They were completely rewriting the software and wanted to include a silo structure as part of the rewrite.

We determined top silo themes and performed keyword research to determine ideal menu structure, keeping in mind the space constraints.  We worked on a development site and could fix all of the issues there, prior to actually releasing the new site.  When it went live, Google swallowed the 100k+ pages in very short order.

No additional inbound link campaign was desired by the client, so here are the results of just adding the linking structure:


On-site linking structure is still just as important today as it was in the past.  On a good sized site, it alone can make the difference between almost no traffic and decent traffic.


3. Pet Niche Site SEO Results - A 300% Increase


This site was getting almost no traffic, even though it was registered in late 2013. The owner had spent a good amount of time on this site and built out a significant amount of pages, however it wasn’t getting hardly ANY traffic.


This site had no penalties, it just never ranked page 1 for the target keywords. It also had no over optimization, they just didn’t have many links.

Ahrefs shows organic keywords, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. You can see below that the site had keywords in the top 100, but that’s not as important in being in the top 10. That’s where our “easy wins analysis” REALLY COMES IN HANDY.

Easy Wins Analysis

With our easy wins analysis, we look for keywords that are ranking somewhere in Google, but not in the top spots where the majority of the traffic is. If we can identify these, we can push them up and see quicker traffic gains.

For this site, we identified 1001 easy wins keywords, ranking mostly on page 2-3 with traffic between 10 – 9,400ms, with CPC between about .50 cents – $6.

This site had HUGE potential, but since the site wasn’t cracking page 1, it wasn’t getting much love.

Content Gap Analysis

With the content gap analysis, we look for competitor keywords that the site isn’t targeting yet, and this becomes the basis for our content creation.

For this site, we found 103 keywords volume between 150 – 2900 ms, with similar PPC costs to the easy wins. We worked with the client to pick out high priorities and selected some keywords based on their industry trends knowledge (This is why we work WITH the customers to understand business goals).


Since this site had a decent amount of content already, and had so many opportunities for easy wins, we really focused on getting those easy wins up to page one.  After three months of light backlinking and social campaigns for branded and easy win keywords — the traffic exploded:


This was only three months of work and this site has a ton more potential. In the next three months, we’ll begin linking some high volume keywords that we used for content. This site is set up for domination in the niche!


4. Niche E-commerce SEO Case Study


This is an online store that sells items that cost between ~$50 – a few hundred dollars each. They had started SEO with us and did some blog content starting Feb 2017 and some linking starting April 2017.


This site had very little traffic until this year. They had no over optimization since most of the SEO was with us.

Easy Wins Analysis

We found 76 potential targets, mostly bottom of page 1 through page 3, all with CPC between .60 and $2.50. These terms / URLs were a mix between homepage, product pages, and their blog content and we selected high priority targets with the customer.

Competitive Gap Analysis

E-commerce is a bit different than other sites with the content gap analysis. When you run it, you often get a ton of product names that you may not sell. The other thing is that many stores have very little content on their product pages (not good for ranking). We work closely with the client on these and pick targets together. In this case they LOVED our content and we found some killer keywords where we could write long articles about.


After three months of moderate link building that focused on easy wins, exact and variations, homepage branding and URL, combined with regular blogging using keywords relating to the niche products, the traffic started improving:

Going Forward

Now we have these awesome, long form blog content ranking (AND they are valuable pieces of content, as opposed to just product pages), we’ll be able to do some surgical link building and get these pushed up even farther.

What’s great is that we have LOTs of content to work with now… and it’s beginning to show!

By following this strategy, we see Google starting to unlock the floodgates. This is showing the massive potential that we can target coming up:


Ecommerce needs content, and by writing long form blog posts, you can start ranking for your valuable keywords. These pages are easier to rank, and you can do an internal link to your product pages. After you have the content, it makes getting good links 1000X easier!

5. SAAS Company SEO Case Study


This is a software as a service business with big contracts. Even though most of the terms they want to target have small search volume, it’s okay because they are very valuable keywords. Just one conversion for them means big money.

This site had a pretty good amount of content, full pages, a blog, but they just weren’t seeing the rankings.


This site had no previous penalties. It did have some previous traffic, but it wasn’t growing. There was no over optimization and overall they just didn’t have enough link juice! We wanted to increase their link equity, as well as continue making sure they got consistent content.

Easy Wins

This site had good content, a few first page rankings, but this is such a lucrative industry just getting a few more clients could easily mean $100k+ a year difference per client — some of the PPC costs were up to $130 per click!

We found 114 terms with volume between 10-40 a month, with an average CPC of $20! The majority of these terms were on pages 2-3. We knew from the beginning we probably wouldn’t see impressive traffic graphs for easy wins, but it would be lucrative!

Competitive Gap

We found 301 terms between 300 – 10,000 searches a month, all with CPC. However this is a competitive space, and there were a lot of brand names in there. Even with that said, there were a many gems in there and we shared these ALL with the client.


Only two months of light backlinks focused on easy win keywords, as well as some using brand and partial match keywords, combined with regular blogging using exact match from the content gap — the links haven't taken full effect yet… but look at this huge spike in keyword rankings:

Traffic following suit:

and the $$$:


If you have a good amount of content, but you’re not getting ranking, build high quality, diverse links. Remember content plus authority links is the key.

Month four starts getting really exciting because we see the results from the linking, have more to target, and can push more to page one!



As you can see, by following a strategic plan, you can get some pretty impressive results in a short period of time.  We encourage everyone to be consistent in the SEO plan and stay on for at least three months to start seeing results.

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