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MBK | MSK is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the professional and personal advancement of Black attorneys. They have a specific focus on deep relationship building, empowering conversations, and community-oriented programming. MBK | MSK provides its members with the resources and support they need to succeed in the legal profession.

As the world shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our client recognized the need for a stronger online presence to continue serving its members effectively. However, the organization wanted to maintain privacy and ensure that its website was only accessible to members and those specifically given the website.

They approached us to create a new website and assist with branding and marketing efforts. We worked with our client to understand their specific needs and develop a comprehensive solution to meet their goals.



We creating a new logo and color scheme for MBK | MSK, which was used in the design of the website and all other branding materials we created for them. The new branding helped our client to establish a consistent brand image and effectively communicate their mission and values to their members and sponsors.


The website included features such as an event calendar, information about the organization, their mission and values, details about their annual event, and a private membership area.


As an NPO, MBK | MSK relies on sponsors to fund their activities. To assist them in their efforts, we crafted brochures and videos, which were used to secure sponsorship funding for the events.


We helped MBK | MSK create graphic designs for email media and videos used in events. The graphic designs helped create a consistent look and feel across all media used in the events, further reinforcing MBK | MSK’s brand image.


While SEO optimization was not a primary concern for the organization, their visitors acquired through search continue to climb year over year.


To ensure their website stays up-to-date, we provided MBK | MSK with a maintenance package that includes regular hands-free updates and backups. Our “Peace of Mind” package also covers restoring their site from a backup should anything happen.


The website and branding we created have been instrumental in the success of MBK | MSK’s online events, and have helped the organization continue growing. The website has received positive feedback from members and has helped to increase engagement and donations.

With our ongoing support, they can rest easy knowing their website is secure and up-to-date.

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