Sue Bell

Sue has applied her logic and programming skills to digital marketing and back-engineering Google to create a holistic marketing plan.  In Market Domination Solutions, she has assembled a talented team with diverse specialties to help you dominate your market.



Melanie Berry

Melanie has over 30 years in helping business owners understand consumers and marketing.  Her superpower is demystifying new marketing paradigms and helping businesses craft a digital footprint that positively impacts their businesses bottom line.



Caterina Christakos

For the last 20 years Caterina has worked as a digital marketing coach and consultant for small businesses across the US. She strives to help small business owners maximize profits by crafting marketing plans that focus on the highest ROI activities



Talal Bader

Talal's specialties include locating and fixing the friction points on eCommerce sites. This results in increase completed sales. Next steps are enhancements designed to increase purchase amount, and encourage customer loyalty. Result is increased ROI often by 500% or more.



John Fuller

During John's 20+ years in sales, management and marketing focus has been on delivering results and developing partnerships.  His expertise lies in direct response marketing strategies that exponentially acquire more customers and create a higher ROI.



Jazz Taylor

Jazz has helped hundreds of companies world-wide dominate their online markets for the last 15 years.  Specializing in Social Media and SEO, she bends Google to her will and carves out rankings where others fear to tread.


Sue Bell


Digital Marketing Industry Visionary & Technologist

Visionary — I know that's a bold word to use when describing one's self.  My background in large-systems database programming has given me the ability to "see" where automation will take digital marketing.  It also affords me insight into the most logical steps Google will need to take while organizing the world's information.

I have been a software developer and architect for 35 years, 15 of which were as a contractor for the DoD (Department of Defense). I led large teams of developers, coordinating massive government software projects.

Over the last 20 years, I've leveraged my software expertise, deep knowledge of SEO, and unique understanding of user engagement to make some of the most powerful software and training courses used by SEO Agencies the world over.

My team and I are currently implementing designs for world domination, so new client onboarding is limited to select businesses.

Feel free to check out my latest training here.



  • Currently developing Aesthetic Surgery & Medispa SEO and Lead Generation systems for Elite Aesthetics Club in concert with Anzu.
  • Currently CEO of Semantic Revolution / Market Domination Solutions
  • Previously CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Network Empire LLC, rated a top 10% Company by Paypal
  • Over 20 years in in the Trenches with SEO and Digital Marketing.

Software Development

  • 2012 - Developed the systematic perpetual marketing approach designed to dominate markets, used today by thousands of SEO professionals.
  • Digital Marketing Technology Visionary (12 Years creating software tools for SEO professionals):
    • Krakken; a SAAS LSI Market Analysis tool capable of breaking vertical markets into segments, demonstrating the value matrix and top competitors of each segment; highlighting the most profitable segments in each market - 2008-2017
    • TLKT and Killer Keywords; SAAS LSI Keyword analysis tool
    • Painfinder; a tool to find FAQs and Pains in your market
    • Various WP Plugins and Themes, including silo plugins that automate the ideal thematic onsite linking structure allowing you to rank for more keywords with fewer inbound links
  • DoD Software Development Contractor for 15 years

Digital Marketing Training

  • Trained over 3000 SEO professionals since 2006, and I continue to provide training courses today.
  • Created Industry's first Online Marketing Certification in 2008 which, by 2014, developed into a 12 month training program with a week-long annual Certification Event.


From an early age, my parents inspired me with a love for languages which later gave rise to my study of linguistics and natural language processing.

I started my programming career as a system administrator for the US Army Division of Engineering and Housing in Europe. My early experience combining software architecture, development, and operations with a widely varied user community gave me insight into the need to blend software technical design with how users engage with systems.

Realizing the importance of the relationship between the worker on the floor, the data in the company, and top management’s need for accountability and visibility, I learned to translate that relationship into user friendly software and actionable data. Practical applications in real world scenarios demand effective software with a properly targeted user experience. Applications must work well, be easy to use, and be accurate. Subsequently, I applied these principles to the development of digital marketing systems and agency training programs.

My experience with linguistics, natural language processing, and my expertise with software technology gave me the foundation needed to reverse engineer algorithms employed by popular search engines. I leveraged this knowledge to create tools that make the life of an SEO/SEM easier by automating both the difficult and mundane aspects of digital marketing, turning the art of growing website traffic and user engagement into a hard science.

My motto for my SEO certification course is “Give me a week, and I'll show you how to dominate your market.”


Companies Founded by Sue Bell

Currently I am the CEO of Semantic Revolution and the previous founder and CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Network Empire LLC.

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