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Client Site in London


A client approached us  wanting a Local Market Domination site for London.

We were uncertain how well our methods would fair in a competitive metropolitan area such as London, but we were up for the challenge.


We used a brand new domain, and decided some citations (back links) would be a necessary addition to our SEO.

We put the site up, and then applied the citations a few days later.

They had one primary and six secondary keywords. 

Each geo-location page had roughly 1500 words so there was an opportunity for a large number of tertiary keywords.

marketing-london-on phone

52% in Top 3

Shown in the image on the left are the site rankings at the six week mark.

60 out of 116 Primary keywords + Geo location modifiers are ranking in position 1-3 in Google SERPs.

Image to the left indicates the number of search phrases that rank in the top 3, 10, 20, 30 or 100 positions
of the google search page


Industry norm is ZERO search engine traffic for the first 60-90 days on a new domain

The first 60 days shows a total of 1,180 visitors to the site!

Time on site is high. Bounce rate* is low.

Visitors spent on average over 7 minutes on the site, with 72% visiting 2 or more pages.

*Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors
who enter the site and then leave.



  • 52% Ranked Top 3 in 6 weeks
  • 447 Visitors in first 30 days
  • 733 Visitors in the second month – a 61% increase over the first month
  • 22% CTR in first 60 days
  • High time on site
  • Low bounce rate

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