AI News & Tools
for Digital Marketers

For the Week 28 Nov - 4 Dec


Amazon launches Q generative assistant

Amazon trained a generative model to assist users of the AWS platform. Among other things, Amazon Q can be tailored to your business by connecting it to company data, information, and systems, made simple with more than 40 built-in connectors. Business users—like marketers, project and program managers, and sales representatives, among others—can have tailored conversations, solve problems, generate content, take actions, and more. Amazon Q is aware of which systems they can access, so they can ask detailed, nuanced questions and get tailored results that include only information they are authorized to see. 

There have been some reported issues with hallucinations and data leaks that include sensitive information about AWS data centers.  I’m sure Amazon will get that sorted quickly.

Amazon has also restructured, disbanding most of its Alexa division, focusing more on generative AI and discontinuing certain unspecified initiatives.  The company is realigning its efforts to better meet customer needs and maximize resources towards generative AI.

Anthropic releases Claude 2.1

This is a major update that now position Claude 2.1 as a formidable contender in the LLM space.

Key Upgrades:

    • Claude 2.1, Anthropic’s enhanced language model, now surpasses OpenAI’s GPT-4 with a 200,000 token context window, eclipsing OpenAI’s GPT-4’s limit of 128,000 tokens.
    • Capable of handling vast texts like entire codebases or literary works in one session.
    • A standout feature of Claude 2.1 is its self-awareness, allowing it to recognize uncertainties in its answers. It cleverly leverages external resources like calculators or internet searches to provide more accurate solutions.
    • Significant reductions in rates of model hallucination


Stability AI Positioning Itself for Acquisition

Stability AI, owner of Stable Diffusion, Stable Video Diffusion, Stable Audio, StableLM, DreamStudio and more, has engaged in preliminary discussions with multiple companies for an acquisition due to mounting pressure from investors over its financial position.   If you rely on Stability AI’s tools, you may want to have a fallback plan.

THE GPT to Rule Them All

The US government and Intel have started training a one trillion parameter model playfully dubbed ScienceGPT. The AuroraGPT AI model, which is being trained by researchers at the Argonne National Lab (ALN) in Illinois, USA, is powered by Intel’s Ponte Vecchio GPUs which provide the main computing power, and is being backed by the US government. Training could take months to complete.


1. aiPDF (Product)

Use aiPDF to summarize, get insights from, and chat with any file.

2. Webtastic

Unlocks hyper-targeted lead conversion with a guaranteed 92% ROI for your busines. Webtastic AI scans purchase intent signals to help you find, contact and convert decision makers in the right companies at scale. Allows your sales team to focus on outreach. Definitely something I want to try.

3. Beloga

A digital platform designed to enhance research, note-taking, and discovery processes. It offers a hyper-personalized experience based on user notes, becoming more tailored with increased usage. The platform enables users to discover and connect ideas from their notes and the web, all in one place, facilitating the creation of new and original ideas. Additionally, Beloga allows users to reference their original ideas and sources, aiding in the generation of new concepts.

4. Tweet Hunter

Build and monetize your 𝕏 audience faster with this all-in-one, AI-powered tool. Includes Content Creation, Scheduling & Automations, Twitter CRM, Analytics plus Add as many Twitter accounts as you want at no extra cost – Ghostwriting for multiple clients from 1 Tweet Hunter account. Trusted by 6000+ creators, this is definitely a tool I want to try.

5. Quizgecko

Use AI to create quizzes, exams, and assessments. All from your existing content. Chrome plugin works with any webpage you are on.

6. DeepBrain

Simplifies text to video production process with AI – the speech and avatars aren’t as good as sythesia, but it’s also not as expensive.

7.  Vibrato

Saves time & skips the hassle with an AI virtual caller – Right now it’s still a free beta.  This is a Leadpages product, so even though the landing page talks about personal assistant tasks, I’m thinking this is being developed to handle leads – the saavy marketer would connect this to Webstatic above 😉

8.  Magical

A productivity app that uses AI to speed up repetitive tasks like messaging and data entry.  No integrations, APIs, or magic wands required.

9.  YesChat

Helps you harness ChatGPT4, DALL-E & Claude 2 – ChatGPT subscription is not required

10. CourseFactory

Create online courses and learning live sessions 10x faster, eliminate routine tasks, enhance course quality and localize for your audience.

AI Producer – Is ready to help you envision the concept of your course.  It takes into account your brand, and your audience to suggest the most engaging and effective learning strategies.

AI Instructional Designer – Is here to ensure your course is sound pedagogically right. It will help you design the course structure, create engaging assignments, and ensure your content aligns with your learning objectives.

AI Content Creators – These agents will assist you in creating course content that is not only informative but also engaging and written in your unique style. With their help you can even create your digital twin and automate the video production.