Sue Bell

Digital Marketing Industry Visionary, Architect

Sue Bell, an expert in digital marketing, is recognized as a visionary and architect in the industry.

With a programming career spanning over three decades, Sue has excelled in large-systems database programming, which has been instrumental in her understanding of how automation influences digital marketing and Google’s information organization strategies. Her work history includes serving as a software developer and architect, with significant contributions over a 15 year period, as a contractor for the Department of Defense, leading large developer teams on substantial government software projects.

Sue’s last two decades have been marked by her application of software skills, profound SEO knowledge, and a unique grasp of user engagement. This combination has enabled her to develop influential software and training programs for SEO agencies globally. She currently holds the position of CEO at Semantic Revolution and Market Domination Solutions, and was formerly the CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Network Empire LLC, a top-rated company by PayPal. Her commitment to SEO and digital marketing exceeds 20 years.

Sue is noted for creating a systematic perpetual marketing approach from 2009 to present, aimed at market domination and widely used by digital marketing professionals.

Her role as a digital marketing technology visionary includes a 18-year tenure creating software tools for SEO experts. These tools include Krakken, a SAAS LSI Market Analysis tool; TLKT and Killer Keywords, SAAS LSI Keyword analysis tools; Painfinder; and various WordPress plugins and themes.  Her latest foray involves working with AI and LLMs to create powerful new marketing tools.

In the realm of digital marketing training, Sue has educated over 4000 professionals since 2006 and continues to offer training courses. She pioneered the industry’s first Online Marketing Certification in 2008, which evolved into a comprehensive 12-month training program with an annual week-long Certification Event.