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The Profit Map Process:

Communicate More Effectively

We work with you to develop individual educational and buying paths for each type of client or customer you have.

Pinpoint the Pains

Each buyer's journey has key pivot points involved in the decision process. We build your marketing around the pain and pivot points.

Early Inception and Follow-Through

It's key to get the attention of your potential clients and customers early in the buying cycle and hold it through to purchase.

The Journey

It Starts when someone, we'll call him 'Joe', has a problem.  Joe goes online to look for more information and types in a keyword .. into Google.  We call this an educational keyword.  Educational terms have a high search volume, but because they have low buyer-intent, they are largely ignored.

However, they are important, because it's in this moment that you want to offer Joe information.  It's not a sales pitch, it's education.  And along with providing him with the information he's asking about, you also want to provide him with additional information he NEEDS ... information that will be CRUCIAL when it comes to selecting a solution.

Because not all solutions are created equal.  So we want him to understand WHY your solution is better than the competition.

And THIS .. right here, right NOW, during the initial investigation, is the time when Joe is MOST OPEN to new information.  (Later he will be jaded by information he got from your competitor, or worse, seduced.)

The Buyer's Journey is the cornerstone of your holistic Digital Marketing Profit Map.  First we identify the personas who purchase your products or services. Then we pinpoint the pains they are experiencing and uncover the touchstones that pivot a buyer's decision.

Finally, we map how to get in front of them from the beginning, and stay in front of them throughout the entire buying process.*

Buyer Centric, Content Driven, Keyword Aware, and Specific to Your Business.

Your Profit Map is buyer centric, content driven and keyword aware.  It integrates website design, blog content calendar, press releases, social postings, and email autoresponder series.  Ideally, in order to complete Ultimate Market Domination, it also extends to paid advertising which includes targeting and retargeting as well as site visitor identification.

Though your Profit Map is geared toward your buyers, the implementation of the Map must incorporate specifics of your brand and business.

At the start of the Map process, we slow down to understand you, the business owner.  Who you are, the why behind your company, and the passion you have to be in business.  We ask questions about branding and voice, understanding how you communicate with your community and what aspects of communication are out of step.

This way we can craft a marketing campaign, based on your Profit Map, in a manor that is in alignment with your company values and voice.

In the same way that a floor layout for a boutique is not appropriate for Walmart, we are aware your business doesn't fit into a One-Size-Fits-All website design style or a generic marketing-funnel strategy.

Your Digital Marketing Profit Map is yours, alone.  And the manner in which it is implemented will be in keeping with the best practices of your business.  Always.


* We also help you take advantage of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to know WHEN a buyer is entering your market so we can get your message there, first - before your competition.


"No matter where I look, there you are!"

You can't control the conversation if you aren't present on the platform.  If your market has an ongoing discussion about the types of products you sell on Quora, you NEED to have a presence there.

It doesn't stop there, today, in order to keep up, your advertising needs to retarget across device, cross platform, have a real time/chat presence.

But if you have any success at all, you and your team are already busy.  How are you going to anticipate all of the possible conversations and BE THERE ALREADY?

This part of the profit map is one of our specialties - and one we have been refining for almost 10 years.  Let us help.

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