The Roku Advantage
27 Million Active Accounts
Streamed 7.3 Billion Hours
in Q4 2018

America’s #1 Leading
TV Streaming Platform

Roku provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV, computer and mobile devices.

Streaming is Mainstream

A survey by Livestream & New York Magazine found 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, while 82% prefer live video from a company to social posts.

Over 27 Roku Million Active Accounts Globally

Roku captures almost 1/3 of streamers subscribed. Not only will streaming continue to expand, it's making a direct impact on sales.

Find Your Missing Audience on OTT

OTT, or Over The Top, is a marketing method where we place your advertisement on streaming media.  The biggest benefit of advertising on OTT is the ability to get incremental reach to an existing broadcast TV campaign.  When using OTT to supplement, advertisers can talk to new potential valuable customers.


Why Just Advertise? Get Your Own Channel!

Traditional TV viewing is fading fast, and evolving into new models.  Viewers today demand unlimited access to a wide variety of content.

And this is opening doors to new opportunities

If you are looking to make your brand more powerful with a strong recognition, a Roku channel may be just the ticket.

By providing personalized information about your industry, products, services, new technologies and even tutorials, you can become a valuable resource in the community, create more buzz around your business and garner more patrons.

What's involved?

Until recently a channel on Roku would set you back $100k, but thanks to new technology, this is no longer the case.

Our team can help you get your channel established and provide assistance in creating and uploading videos as well - all for a surprisingly reasonable price, given the clout this opportunity can bring your business.

Contact us today for more details.

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