An in-depth analysis of your current strategies and a
hand-crafted plan of attack designed to
propel your business forward in 2020.

Why Do I Need an Audit

Marketing doesn't come in a "one size fits all".  The best marketing is TAILORED to your business.  Not just your products and your customers, but also your growth needs and goals, how we can maximize your existing assets and strategies, and how to structure reports to include your key performance indicators (KPIs).

To this end, we examine your current marketing and assets, assess your competitors and their strategies and then formulate a 12 month marketing plan based on your needs, goals and projections.

Google Website Penalty

Not all penalties generate a message from Google.  If you think you aren't getting the traffic you deserve, let us have a look and tell you if something's wrong.

Competitor Gap

We'll look at your top competitors, measure that against your keyword strategy and show you where you can do better.

Social Footprint

There's more to social engagement than putting up a few pretty pictures. We'll stack your strategy against your competitors and show you how you can improve to beat the competition.


We'll map your target keywords across search engines, locales and map listings to show you where your missing important traffic sources.

Google Map Listing

One of the single most important sources for traffic; most businesses are leaving 30-70% of this traffic on the table.

Citations & Reviews

The Keys to taking full advantage of your map listings, these important fundamentals are often undervalued and overlooked.

What’s In the Report

Our report gives you an in-depth analysis as to the state of your digital marketing today, and what’s you need to do over the next 12 months to meet your goals and stay within your budget.

Google Penalty and Inbound Link Analysis - Normally $97 value - Are your rankings currently being penalized by Google, keeping traffic and profits minimized?

Google Search Console Inspection - What errors and warnings is Google trying to tell you about?

Rank Analysis - What's the status of your primary keywords across Bing, Yahoo and Google?

Social Analysis - What is your social footprint and publishing frequency?

Gap Analysis - Normally $97 value - Discover your competitors' top keywords that you're not using.

Google My Business Analysis with Citation Check - Map rankings and Reviews are of utmost importance these days.

Page Optimization Report - Blow-by-blow how to optimize for most important keyword on your most important page.

Website Analysis:

  • Visitor Usability Evaluation - How well can visitors navigate your site?
  • Onsite Schema Check - Make sure you are grabbing all the available search engine real estate possible.
  • Mobile Compatibility Check - Is your site mobile compliant and fast enough to load quickly on a phone?
  • Speed Check - A major ranking factor today, is your site loading fast enough for Google and your visitors?
  • Legal Check (GDPR, terms and policies) - Ensure you won't be in legal hot water in the future.

How’s Your Digital Marketing Health?

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