Wish You Could Capture Competitor's Customers?


Now You Can With Our Innovative Conquest System!



Who Should Use Conquest Sales™

Direct Customers Away From Your Competitors to Your Business

We have a guaranteed way to get your business in front of local customers. How would you like a way to legally steal your competitor’s customers? With our Conquest Sales™ product, you can direct customers away from the competition—without lifting a finger.

We know that you’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy on trying to do just that.

You’ve tried:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Social Media

The problem is, even if you contract out these tasks, it requires a lot of planning and there’s no guarantee you’ll reach your target customers—until now.


With Conquest Sales™, we target your prospective customer’s smartphone ID, and even as your target market goes to a competitor’s business, we can still target that customer and get your ad or deal in front of them—before they make a purchase.

  • Smartphones are with us all the time.
  • 58% of smartphone users check their phone at least once every hour.
  • 93% of smartphone users use them while they’re shopping.

Imagine, when a person with a smartphone is near your restaurant and looking for a place to eat, they will proactively see your restaurant’s advertisement or discount coupon, or both.

Suppose a hungry couple is on their way to your competitor’s restaurant, our technology can continue to target that buyer even as they wait to be seated or served.

Your ad or discount might entice them to leave the competitor now, or to just save your restaurant’s information for the next time they plan to eat out.

Why does our technology work so well? Because you’re able to target people who we know, based on certain behaviors, are going to buy products or services from someone. Let’s work together to ensure they buy from your business.


Perfect for These Types of Businesses

Business Type – Who We Target

  • 4×4 shops – Target Competitors
  • Apparel Stores (Sports, Fashion, Specialty) – Target Competitors
  • Appliance Store – Target Competitors
  • Athletic Shoe Stores – Target Competitors
  • Auto Detailing / Car Washes – Target Competitors
  • Auto Parts Stores – Target Competitors
  • Auto Repair – Target Competitors
  • Banks – Target Competitors
  • Barber Shops – Target Competitors
  • Bars / Night Clubs- Target Competitors
  • Bedding Stores – Target Competitors
  • Beer / Liquor / Wine Stores – Target Competitors
  • Bicycle & Bicycle Repair Shops – Target Competitors
  • Book Stores – Target Competitors
  • Boutiques – Target Competitors
  • Car & Truck Dealerships – Target Competitors
  • Car Rental Locations – Target Competitors and Airports
  • Casinos – Target Competitors
  • Child Dentists – Target Competitors and General Dentists
  • Chiropractors – Target Competitors, Pain Clinics & Physical Therapist
  • Coffee Shops / Donut Shops / Cafes / Diners – Target Competitors
  • Cosmetic Surgeons – Target Competitors and Weight Loss Clinics
  • Dentists – Target Competitors
  • Doctors – Target Competitors
  • Dry Cleaners – Target Competitors
  • Entertainment Venues – Target Competitors
  • Fitness / Gym / Workout Centers – Target Competitors
  • Furniture Stores – Target Competitors
  • Hair Salons – Target Competitors
  • Hardware / Paint / Tile Stores – Target Competitors
  • Health & Nutrition Stores – Target Big Box Competitors
  • Hotels / Motels / BnBs – Target Competitors
  • Ice Cream / Yogurt / Cupcake Shops – Target Competitors
  • Insurance Agents – Target Car Lots and Model Homes
  • Jewelers – Target Competitors
  • Lasik Surgeons – Target Optometrists and Big Box Eyeglass Outlets
  • Lighting Stores – Target Big Box Chain Competitors
  • Limousine Services – Target Bridal and Tux Shops
  • Movies Theaters – Target Competitors
  • Museums – Target Other Attractions
  • Nail Salons – Target Competitors
  • Naturopathic Doctors – Target Competitors & Health Food Stores
  • Optometrists – Target Competitors
  • Orthodontists – Target Competitors and General Dentists
  • Personal Injury Attorney – Target Emergency Rooms
  • Pet Boarding – Target Pet Stores and Veterinarians
  • Pet Groomers – Target Pet Stores and Veterinarians
  • Real Estate Agents – Target Model Homes
  • Restaurants – Target Similarly Priced or Type Competitors
  • Shoe Stores (Boots, Sports, Fashion) – Target Competitors
  • Specialty Grocery Stores – Target Chain Grocery Stores
  • Theaters / Opera Houses – Target Competitors
  • Veterinarians – Target Pet Stores and Kennels
  • Wealth planners – Target Performing Arts, Country Clubs, etc.
  • Weight Loss Clinics – Target Competitors
  • Yoga Studios – Target Competitors

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